Rubber Flooring That is Popular For Gym Use

Does the rubber flooring popular for the gym usd? Yes, Rubber is a popular flooring material in gyms because of its resiliency, durability, and ability to spring back even when heavy objects, such as weights, are dropped on them.

In this gym(http://www.greenfieldrubber.com/pid11209146/Interlocking+Rubber+tile%2crubber+flooring.htm) we see subdued speckle floor tiles. The color provides a soft monotonous background that won't be distracting, while the speckled pattern adds enough interest that the floor does not become hypnotically dull. Tile is generally preferred over sheets in gym settings because if a machine or piece of equipment does rip a part of the floor, it is easier to replace a single tile than it is to remove and re-install the entire floor. Larger tiles tend to create a more uniform effect while smaller pieces will create a more segmented, unique effect.

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