EPDM & SBR granule for sports surface

Time: 2012-08-07

The construction of sports surface made of EPDM and/or SBR rubber granules above all depends on the type of usage and the tasks it has to perform. There are different requirements to be met for Olympic athletic running tracks, and different for multipurpose playing fields at schools. Yet, other are the features of surfaces for children's playgrounds.


 Generally, the sports surface consists of two layers. The lower base ground layer is responsible for the resilience and hardness of the whole base and thus for its crucial utility parameters. The material very frequently used here is SBR recycled granulate, but it could be a compound of SBR and EPDM, as well. The crumbs of the rubber granulate are connected to each other with a special binding material based on Polyurethane, the so called PU-binder. The type of adhesive used is dependant on a number of factors, such as temperature and relative humidity of the air, or the type of the granulate


 The second layer is a relatively thin colourful covering made from original material based on EPDM. Its task is the aesthetical finishing up of the surface and ensuring it stability in all weather conditions. There are a number of techniques of applying the outer layer. Two of the most popular ones is the pouring out of the compound  granulate mass earlier mixed with the adhesive, or the spraying of small grains of the granulate with the use of a special "spray gun"


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